World’s First Xray Animation

Everyone likes quirky. Quirky by dictionary definition means ‘having or characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits or aspects.’ When we see something with these characteristics we’re automatically drawn to it. It’s not boring and it definitely hasn’t been done before.

This is where art director Matt Oxborrow comes in. He and his team at travel company¬†Club Med have created the world’s first x-ray animation using a full-sized airport scanner and a suitcase.

World's First Xray Animation 4

Sun Sea and Scanned: A Flip-Flop Family Holiday follows the Flip-Flop family as they jet off on their adventures abroad. The story follows them from the moment they wake up in their beds at home, to them flying back home. They take on different activities while abroad like scuba diving and drinking in a bar.

Oxborrow has only used typical items you would find in a holiday maker’s suitcase. Things such as a bottle of Head & Shoulders shampoo which was transformed into a speedboat, a hairbrush for water skis and chewing gum which became the character’s eyebrows. Even the hair was made from USB cables.

World's First Xray Animation 3

Matt Oxborrow says “We deliberately stayed away from using objects that were too outlandish in Sun, Sea and Scanned, instead opting for things that you are much more likely to find in a family holiday bag.¬†It’s surprising what you can do with an airport security scanner, a few rolls of sticky tape and a hefty dollop of imagination!”

You can view the video for yourself above. It’s definitely worth a watch.

World's First Xray Animation 1