Wishbone Smart Thermometer Review


After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Joywing have produced the world’s smallest smart thermometer. We were lucky enough to get sent one and were very impressed with the results.

The Wishbone Smart Thermometer is the world’s smallest, non-contact thermometer that works with your smartphone. It has multiple uses, such as it can measure your body temperature, a room or external temperature and even the temperature of food or liquid. It’s a completely non contact, no fuss solution to an everyday problem. It can also read the temperature of a surface in just two seconds. So let’s check it out first hand.

Out of the box, you get a ‘Y’ shaped thermometer with a 3.5mm headphone jack on the end. Bizarre I know but this is the key to linking your phone and the thermometer together. The box comes complete with instructions and the thermometer itself comes in a turquoise colour, the others may follow!. It is small and fun looking, the build quality is decent and looks as if it will last a while. Other than the headphone jack, the other tips of the ‘Y’ are the temperature sensor itself and the battery and yes, batteries do need to be changed occasionally.

The next step is to install the app, which is free on both Android and iOS. The app itself is very simple and has a clean look about it. It’s very simple to navigate, with large informative icons and with very little options to choose from, it’s not hard at all to use. Now the first and only problem I came across was that to use the thermometer correctly, I needed my phone screen to rotate, which isn’t a standard function on iPhones. However, after referring back to the instructions, there is an option within the settings that allows the app to auto rotate for ease of use. Much better! Holding your phone, pointing the device and hitting the button is very easy to do.

I tried the various options out, firstly the body temperature. You need to hold the thermometer about 5cm away from the forehead and hit the button on the screen. Before you’ve had time to blink, the result is shown on the app, to one decimal point, in either celsius or fahrenheit. You can save this result and create a time log, which allows you to monitor your temperature over a set period. For those of you with small children, I cannot stress how easy this is to use with a child. You can use it while they are asleep, there is no need for them sit still for a long time, no need for them to touch anything and it’s very accurate. This will help you about big time!

Other options include an ambient temperature test, which shows the temperature of the space you are in, an object temperature that allows you to test the temperature of food and liquid and finally a pet function to take your pet’s temperature.

Like I said before, the product is aimed at parents, for the use with there young children and I can understand why. After using it on my own child, it was incredibly simple to use and such a useful tool when the little ones are ill. The additional features are an added bonus.

At just £34.99, this is a must for all parents. For more info and to purchase, visit Wishbone direct.

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    Edvin vd Berg

    Unfortunately I have very bad experiences with this thermometer. While there are cheap infrared thermometers elsewhere, this one got good reviews from bloggers and they said it was very accurate. Unfortunately, my experiences prove otherwise. Comparing to a normal thermometer, the temperature of objects can differ up to 5 celsius and of human subjects up to 2 celsius. It is also not very consistent: for different measurements within 30 seconds I get very different results. What is worse however is the customer service. I emailed them about my findings and did not receive a single reply. I could receive part of my money after a complaint to PayPal. I would advise you not to buy this as you need accuracy if you have a baby.

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    Beth Bishop

    Wishbone Smart Thermometer has been described by many media outlets as “the world’s smallest and easiest-to-use smart thermometer”. Though the use of the device, one can accurately check body, object or environment temperature depending upon one’s needs and requirements.

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