Everyone has their favourite movie animal of all time, a character that is usually from our favourite Disney film. Rafiki is definitely one of mine, with his long white wise-man beard and kendo stick he uses as a ninja weapon during the final battle in The Lion King.

Prior to the realise of The Secret Life of Pets, Empire Cinema has released a list of which movie critters we loved best. Some of the results are a little surprising if you ask me, but you will have to look at the list below.


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1. Donkey, Shrek (27%)

Topping the list is the cheeky Donkey from the animated movie Shrek. Eddie Murphy’s charismatic performance makes Donkey’s slightly immature humour really shine and not feel out of place alongside Mike Myers’ Shrek.

donkey gif


2. Simba, The Lion King (22%)

The little lion who couldn’t wait to be king, only to ditch his dream when his Dad died came in at number two. Simba’s catchy songs and relaxed attitude, once meeting Timon and Pumba touched hearts of most 18-24 year olds who took part in the survey.

simba gif


3. Babe, Babe: The Sheep Pig (20%)

La la la… la la la. The pig impressed me with that song. Number three is Babe, the overly confident pig who decided one day he wanted to be a sheep dog. We all laughed, but he proved us wrong in the end. Well done Pig!

babe sheep pig gif


4. Baloo, The Jungle Book (20%)

The most memorable Disney song hands down was sung by this loveable bear. His laid-back attitude was enough to let us see him appear again in a live action remake, voiced by the legend Bill Murray.

baloo gif


5. Lassie, Lassie (20%)

What’s that? Little Timmy has fallen down a well? Dammit Timmy, that’s the third time this week! Lassie’s quick thinking to rescue Timmy won our hearts at the cinema coming in at number  five.

lassie gif


6. Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh (19%)

The second donkey to hit the list is the obviously always stoned Eeyore. His slow reactions and pin on tail is enough to prefer him over the likes of  Winnie, Piglet, Tigger, Kanger, Roo, Rabbit and Owl.

eeyore gif


7. Dumbo, Dumbo (19%)

I’ve never seen an elephant fly. Well not since Dumbo hit our screens back in 1942. One of Disney’s oldest feature length animated movie is still favoured enough by us for it to make the list.

This dumbo gif


8. Marley, Marley and Me (17%)

Probably Hollywood’s saddest movie’s starring an animal ever. Come on, tell me you didn’t cry at the end. This loveable Labrador really punched me straight in the feels. Owen Wilson wasn’t too bad either I suppose.

marley gif


9. Sid, Ice Age (15%)

I don’t know too much about Ice Age, but from what I have seen, Sid is a sloth, wrapped up in several adventures during the Ice Age. He is even considered a God among other sloths.

sid ice age gif


Willy, Free Willy (15%)

It’s surprising that after the release of Black Fish, the disturbing reality movie that caused controversy for Sea World that Willy actually made number ten of this list, but it did. The heart-warming story of a friendship between a boy and Orca made this movie memorable.

free willy gif

All GIFs via Giphy.