Corsair’s New Line Up at Computex

Ace computer bits manufacturers Corsair were busy at the 2016 Computex show in Taiwan, unveiling some fun new products. The company says it won’t be long before all this is widely available. So, let’s take a quick look at their latest reasons to be proud.

There were a pair of new ranges of high-performance DDR4 memory – the Corsair Vengeance LED and Corsair Dominator Platinum Special Edition.

Vengeance LED brings integrated lighting and an aggressively styled new heat-spreader design, so make sure you have a window on that case, and ensure it’s on show for all to see. Otherwise, not much point in the LEDs. It comes in red or white.

corsair memory1

Vengeance LED will also be the fastest CORSAIR DDR4 memory kit ever, with specially selected Samsung ICs driving kits to 4,333MHz and beyond.

Dominator Platinum Special Edition takes premium DDR4 to the next level, adding two unique finishes to the company’s Dominator Platinum’s unmistakable industrial design and aluminium finish.

Shown in both Blackout brushed aluminium and dazzling Chrome finishes, Dominator Platinum Special Edition is built using top bin Samsung ICs, rigorously tested to ensure ample overclocking headroom on X99 and 100 Series platforms.

So there you are – the company says all that results in stunning performance and great looks.

corsair graphic cooler1

There was also a breakthrough in fans.

The new Corsair ML PRO and ML PRO LED are much more than just a new range of fans – they include an entirely different kind of bearing that uses patented Magnetic Levitation bearing technology and custom rotor designs.

That means both high static pressure and high air flow, with an ultra-low friction magnetic bearing that simultaneously generates lower noise and provides higher performance. A combo every builder desires.

Graphics cards sees a boost – Corsair has partnered with MSI to develop the Hydro GFX GeForce GTX 1080 which has an integrated closed-loop Corsair liquid cooler and PCB design by MSI.

corsair fans1

That means it can push the card “to the limit” thanks to its greatly increased GPU core cooling capacity, allowing the GPU to reach higher boost clock frequencies for longer. The result is a quieter, cooler, faster GeForce GTX 1080 right out of the box.

There is a new white look for the Carbide 400C Case with a full size windowed side panel, minimalist, drive-bay-free front panel and integrated PSU cover. It swaps ends of the colour spectrum for a clean, cool new look.

Finally, there is the Bulldog case and Lapdog keyboard/mouse sofa gizmo with VR. The company showed the latest application for its living room gaming system and control centre, Virtual Reality.

corsaid carbide whie1

By combining the performance of the liquid-cooled, living room friendly Bulldog system, couch-comfortable Lapdog and the latest in VR technology from Oculus and HTC, Gamers can experience all that VR has to offer, right from the comfort of their chair.


Written by Chris Murphy

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