What Are The Best Value Video Games?


If like us, you like to game, you will more than likely have fond memories of your favourite games, remember the worst you’ve played, and then there are a million games somewhere in between. But which games are the best value, the ones that offer the most amount of gameplay per minute, for your hard earned cash? Well Forward 2 Me have done the research and we were so surprised at the results, we had to share them with you!

So what is the best value video game of all time?

Pokemon, I guess because you ‘gotta catch em all’? Sorry…

Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire takes 231 hours to fully complete the game, i.e. find all the pokemon, get all the badges etc, and it cost just £19.99. That equates to a mere 9p per hour to enjoy the game. Although that came as a surprise, and once we knew that, it was obvious other Pokemon titles would follow, which they did. Other highlights include Elder Scrolls and Monster Hunter.


If we look at the reverse of the above, what are the worst value games, we return to the late 80’s with Super Mario Land. It cost £19.99 and took just 2 hours to complete. All thought it was a fantastically genius game back in the day, it wasn’t very good value for money. Also on the list for worst value were similar titles from that era. That just shows how far games have come, with a far larger increase in content, over retail price for the games.


What about platforms, which console offers the best value? It’s a mixed bag, with Nintendo taking the best value with the 3DS and also the worst value with the original NES. Nintendo dominates the best value, with PC just making the cut and no sign of Xbox or PS.


More research has been done, which is really fascinating to read. If you want to learn more, visit the Forward2Me webpage.


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