MyZone Wants You To Beat Your Favourite Olympians

For you gym bunnies out there, MyZone is probably going to be one for you. Ever wanted to beat Mo Farah in a race? Of course you have. Well now you can. Not literally unfortunately but sitll, this will be in a win in anyone’s eyes.

With the Rio 2016 Olympics just around the corner, a company called MyZone wants to get involved with tracking people’s workouts. The heartbeat sensor can be integrated into a sports bra, compression vest or elasticated chest strap to track your workout session. Rather than tracking your personal fitness, the MyZone tracks the effort you put into a session. These stats are then pitted against real-time stats of top athletes. So if you fall behind Mo Farah in a race in terms of time, you can still bomb it ahead in terms of effort put into the fitness.

myzone 1

This is hugely motivational to people wanting to get into health and fitness. MyZone will calibrate your body metricks and maximum heart rate to create a handicap for you. Very much like a game of golf, you’re able to track your handycap and improve that over time.

The sensor connects to your mobile phone or similar wireless device such as an Apple Watch or Android Wear device. Gyms are already starting to adopt the technology and integrate it into your weekly workout sessions.

myzone 2

The app gives you a score every time you work out which is meant to be beaten every time. These are displayed as easy to read coloured tiles within the app. The MyZone app is also the only scoring system that actually aligns with the World Health Organisation’s guidelines for physical activity.

We haven’t managed to get our hands on one yet, but we will. And when that happens you can expect a review right here, as well as a few complaints from us actually having to get up from behind our desks to run. For now, you can find more information on the MyZone website.



Myzone has upgraded their app to give you much more detail on your workouts including a new community based software, enabling users to interact with eachother via a chat system to give workout tips, share Instagram styled imagery and a way of filtering connections between gym locations. Whats more, there are a lot more graphical information pages available for you to really get in-depth with your workout plans. We’ve still not managed to see one, but we will certainly let you know when we do, which we’ve been promised is soon! Check back for more updated information in the future.