Get Ready For The Olympics With Hisense

Hisense who? Yeah, thought so. That’s what we thought at first. But looking into their products online we found that they actually offer some wicked TVs for the price they’re pushing them out at. If you’re looking at upgrading your living room box for the Olympics, then Hisense may be the route for you. Imagine watching Rio 2016 in 4K and not having to pay a fortune to do so.

Apparently these guys are the third largest manufacturer of 4K televisions and have recently announced their new ULED M7000 models. And get this, a 55-inch television from Hisense will set you back around £799 while a 65-inch if you’ve got the space is only £1,199.

hisense 2

The panels look absolutely amazing, with a sleek frame and silver legs to support it while it dominates your living room watching experience. What’s better is that the new Hisense M7000 can upscale HD content to show you stunning 4k visuals.

There is an included HDR mode behind the panel as well as local dimming which means that darker areas of the image being watched will be displayed in much more detail than a regular high-definition image.

hisense 3

The Hisense range is classed as Smart Televisions meaning you will benefit from online content that their web store has to offer such as BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime and also a 4K Netflix streaming service. There is also the ability to stream music and video from your mobile phone or tablet with the swipe of a button thanks to the Anyview Cast and Anyview Stream software built-in.

We haven’t seen one come through at TechNuovo yet, but when we do, we’ll be sure to let you know. You can find out more information on the Hisense television M7000 range on their website. Alternatively, the products are available to buy from John Lewis at the prices above.

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