Vodafone Smart Tab 4 Review

Mobile giants Vodafone have brought their very own tablet to the table. It can be yours for just £125.

The tablet is actually built by Alcatel who have done a superb job. Looking face on at the tablet you’ll notice no branding giving the tablet a sleek finish. It’s all black with a soft rear giving you a decent grip when holding it in your hands. It has an 8-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1,280×800. I’ve used the tablet to catch up on my series and found no issues here. There were great colours and text, although not as sharp as other tablets, was still able to be read comfortably.

Because the speaker is so small, it can produce tinny sounds which isn’t a surprise for tablets. However, the speaker is very loud, so dialogue and music could easily be heard. Using some headphones with the tablet will improve sound quality. The speaker chassis uses small bumps so when the tablet is placed on a table, there is minor interruption to sound.

The Vodafone Smart Tab 4 also has a micro SD card slot which can support cards of up to 64gb. Handy considering there is only an 8gb memory built-in.

The tablet uses Android 4.2 Jellybean as its operating system. It’s nothing different to Android users which gives the tablet a familiar feel.

The specifications include a 1.2GHz quad-core Media Tek MTK8382. Paired with 1GB of RAM the Vodafone Smart Tab 4 has no issue with running your every day applications as well as basic games. When tested against the likes of Real Racing 3D we noticed a slow down.

The rear camera present has a 2 mega-pixel sensor while the front facing camera has a 0.3 mega-pixel sensor. I would stick to your cameras for your all important selfies. The front camera is very good for apps such as Skype.

The battery life is great so it is definitely built for the commuter or someone who lives with their tablet.

The build quality is great, the Vodafone Smart Tab 4 looks great and it will run all your every day apps no problem at all. You can pick up your tablet for £125 with Vodafone or you can opt for a contract for a little as £17. I definitely smell a bargain.