Varidesk Dual Monitor Arm Review

Varidesk is a manufacturer that’s dedicated to making your working lives easier. They’re a brand that’s revolutionising the standing desk, by releasing an adjustable monitor keyboard platform and even now a chair that can be used while standing. Now, they’ve released their new Varidesk Dual Monitor Arm, capable og holding two separate monitors at the same height.

Now this type of product is probably only limited to those kinds of professions that need two monitors at once. People like stock market investors, video editors to have one screen for work flow and the other for preview, or if you’re like us, for streaming our games on YouTube by displaying the game on one monitor and the stream on the other so we can check our comments coming in.

The Varidesk Dual Monitor Arm is one bulky item, made from metal with a plastic outer shell to give it some decoration. It can hold two monitors, and can stretch quite far apart so you can stick some larger monitor sizes on there. The two VESA mounts are universal, but make sure your monitor can attach to them. Our LG monitors in the office have a bulky rear, so we weren’t able to attach them, even with VESA adaptors.

The base attaches to the desk rather easily, with two pressure plates that screw to the rear of the desk so it hooks over. The arms attach together with ease, without the need for attaching screws or fiddling with little allen keys. You’re up in about 15 minutes from when you work out which arm goes where.

The whole product looks great, and will suit any kind of modern office aesthetic down to a tee, and to be honest with you, I didn’t find any issues with the product at all. It’s a flawless item, that would be very handy to have if you want to keep your desk space clear and mount your monitors. You can find more information on the Varidesk website.

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