PowerPlant – Never Run Out Of Juice Again

Getting caught short with battery life on long trips out is a nightmare. There’s been plenty of times I’ve pulled my phone out to book an Uber at the end of a night out, only to find my phone is dead. Usually here at TechNuovo we look at more conventional portable powerbanks, but this time we’ve been sent some info on a portable battery, with a 3-pin plug! The PowerPlant, a 21,100mAh portable charger.

So the PowerPlant battery is a larger than those conventional mobile phone portable chargers you see. We haven’t seen one, so it’s all speculation going forward, but it looks as if it’s housed in some kind of plastic casing, with a screen to let you know how much battery life is left in the powerbank. According to their Indiegogo campaign, the PowerPlant is modular, meaning you’re able to swap out the internal battery.

The PowerPlant is able to charge multiple devices, as it has two USB ports as well as a 3-pin UK plug socket on the front. Having the UK plug socket on the PowerPlant also means that it has the ability to power larger items such as televisions for around six hours. Phones can be charged up to 10 times, and laptops like the Macbook Pro up to 12 times according to the creators themselves.

We’d like to see one once they’re out of their Indiegogo crowd funding stage. They look pretty cool, and are small enough to still be classed as portable. Not sure on exact weight, but the crowd-funding campaign states 635 grams, which is just under the average weight of a tablet or similar product. You can find more information on their Indiegogo campaign┬ápage.

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