With standing desks becoming more common, VARIDESK has come up with a way to make using one a little more comfortable, as well as convenient. Introducing the new VARIChair, a what’s now being called standing chair, enabling you the user to get some much needed core workout, while working at your desk.

Checking out the packaging and I noticed nothing really stood out. It’s a plain brown box with an image and logo on each side. It’s big, which meant that the chair was already built inside which was a nice touch. There’s no messing around with screws or a small allen key.

The chair is heavy. The base is weighted so it doesn’t fall over. It needs to be heavy as the chair isn’t your typical style of chair. It needs to be sturdy so you can lean against it rather than keeping it in the sitting position 100% of the time.

The VARIChair is height adjustable, so you can have it low to sit on it, or high to perch on the rounded edge to give you a much better posture. The chair, for the most part is comfortable to use. As we haven’t got access to a raising desk, I used the chair in its lowest position, more as a stool. The seat is made from a hard plastic, with a decent padded cushion to help with comfort.

The chair is said to sort out posture issues from sitting for long periods of time. It’s also been reported that using chairs like these burn calories as you’re working. The base of this chair isn’t fully secure, meaning it can move around while sitting, giving you a core workout.

I can see this type of chair making its way into the office space, but am struggling to understand its use in the house. To essentially use a chair like this, you need to invest in the raised desks too. However, VARIDESK do have products that can convert current home setups to accommodate the stand while you work fashion, but they do come at a cost. These products aren’t cheap, but the quality is there.

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