Minecraft Backpack From Noisy Sauce

When gaming and fashion come together, it’s usually a very mixed reception. Wild outlandish colours mixed with huge graphics spread across the item is all but too familiar. But when companies get their gaming paraphernalia right, it can really work just like with the new Minecraft Backpack.

Okay, so the Minecraft inspired backpack from Noisy Sauce isn’t your typical high-street fashion item, but it could have been a lot worse. The mix of green shades combined with the black detailing doesn’t look too wild, but is somewhat recognisable as a Creeper, one of Minecraft’s notorious exploding enemies that can cause havoc in tight spaces.

Although this isn’t an item aimed at everybody, Noisy Sauce have thought about their target audience. If you’re a fan of the building block world, then the backpack could be something that’s on your radar. The design is definitely Minecraft, down to the green paint work made to look like building blocks, ignoring of course the fact it says Minecraft across the front.

But as bags go, the quality isn’t half bad. Okay, it’s not going to touch your premiums like North Face or Quicksilver for backpacks, but I can’t see this breaking under heavy load too quickly. Inside is enough room to store a laptop of around 15 inches, as well as the charger and a few files. The front pocket which is styled on the inside to look like the TNT block would store things like a glasses case, phone charger, wireless mouse for your laptop, that kind of thing. The side pockets are big enough for a small bottle of water.

The only thing that could be a problem with this backpack is the fact the straps are quite small. So rather than adults not wanting one because it’s Minecraft branded, it’ll probably be too tight for them to even strap it to their backs. I struggled getting it on me. I’m not the smallest of guys, but this was a little uncomfortable. Longer straps next time Noisy Sauce please.

This product is one for the kids. I can’t see too many adults wanting to own a Minecraft backpack, unless they are fanatics of the game. So if you’re stuck on what to get your child for their birthday or Christmas, then look no further. The Minecraft Backpack from Noisy Sauce will only set you back around £19.99 and would look absolutely fantastic, whatever the adventure.

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