Urbanista San Francisco Earphones Review


Urbanista has impressed us a lot in our office, and we’re always waiting for new products to try and we’re in luck! We got sent a pair of Urbanista San Francisco Earphones, a multi-functional earphone that should pack a punch, if we’re comparing them to previous products. They come in a vast array of colours too to match your style.


Straight away I can see these are fun looking earphones, with many colours and patterns to choose from. You could even suggest they’re going down the fashionable route. There are 15 colours or patterns to choose from, so there really will be something for everyone. The earphones come in simple yet elegant cardboard packaging, with a plastic insert to house the earphones. Plenty of protection if you purchase these online and get them delivered. Inside are the earphones and a simple folded piece of card, saying thank you and detailing information about Urbanista as a company and its one year included warranty.

We got sent a pair of mosaic patterned earphones, which is a minty colour, with a zig zaggy pattern across the cable. They look really good, with matte white earbuds, glossy stems and cable. The cable is flat, which is meant to help with the tangles, but only time will tell with that one. The cable has a 3.5mm jack at the end and includes an in-line microphone, plus a remote control to control your music and phone calls. The remote works with Android, iOS & Windows mobile operating systems. The earphones are moulded to be inserted into a typical sized ear, similar to the earphones you get with an iPhone that everyone seems to use. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and because they’re moulded, the fit snug and secure in my ear.


Quality wise, superb! I’ve been using them for several hours now, listening to various music tracks, videos on youtube, movie clips and in all instances, they perform really well considering these are very affordable! Listening to music with these was great, they go very loud, if that’s what you’re into and the qaulity still stays pretty true to source. The mix of treble and bass is clear, the clarity is pure. I never want to take them out of my ears. I used the remote control and microphone with my iPhone and both work very well, no complaints on either function.

These earphones retail for just under £20 and at that price, these are an absolute steal! We recommend you get a pair, you will not be disappointed! The only thing we hope for is that they haven’t peaked too early and have plenty more to offer! For further info or to purchase, visit the Urbanista website.