Ultimate VR Solution From Cygnett

VR is on the rise, and with the new YouTube 360-degree videos emerging, there’s a whole host of 360-degree cameras and action cams exploding onto the market. Yet because the whole experience is so new to the world, VR solutions can often be quite expensive. But, thanks to the likes of Cygnett, it doesn’t have to be.

Okay, so their VR experience doesn’t quite match up to the likes of the HTC Vive or Occulus Rift. But it does offer a solution that will quench your VR thirst before you can find the funds to sink into one of the big boys. Cygnett’s Gateway VR headset retails at around $39.95 on their website. Pair the Gateway with the Chargeup Digital 6000 power bank and you’ve got yourself a VR powerhouse that’ll keep you in the headset for hours.


The Cygnett Gateway VR is primarily made from plastic, with glass lenses inside for added immersion into the phone. The lenses will magnify your vision so you can get the most clear as possible picture suited for your eyes. The lenses are adjusted using two D-Pad levers on top of the headset.

Securing the VR headset to your head is a simple task. There are three elastic straps. The left and right sit just above your ears so it doesn’t move too far around the sides of your face while the top strap – which is ajdustable in size – sits over your crown, so the headset doesn’t slip down your face. For the most part the Gateway is comfortable, but started to notice after prolonged use, the bridge of my nose became sore. However, when it was passed around among friends, there were no complaints here. It may be down to the size of my head, or the length of my nose, as there is a decent cushion of padding around the bottom of the headset, but just be wary.


The headset works just as you would imagine a VR headset to work. You load a 360-degree video, from YouTube or another source and put it on. From here you are immersed into the video you are watching, enabling you to move your head around to view the video’s content.

Now the Cygnett Chargeup Digital 6000 will give your mobile some much needed juice from watching too much VR. Using multimedia features on your mobile will drain battery life like crazy. So once your phone gets low, plug it directly into the powerbank and you’ll be back to watching your VR content in no time. Well, around a couple of hours for a full charge of your mobile. The powerpack isn’t large either, which means it can easilly slide into a pocket to carry with you when out and about. It has a rubberised finish for easy grip, as well as a digital display to let you know how much charge is left inside the Chargeup Digital 6000.


So is it worth it? For people who don’t want to sink huge amounts into the big console headsets, yet still want to experience VR content, sure. But be warned, that content is rather lacking at the moment, but it’s a nice stepping stone into the world of VR. The complete Cynett setup we’ve spoken about here will set you back around £55 which isn’t that bad, plus a decent model smartphone capable of rendering HD 360-degree videos of course. All items can be found on the Cygnett website.