Fnatic Clutch G1 Gaming Mouse Review

In a gaming industry absolutely dominated by many great mice, it makes it hard for the smaller brands to filter through the noise. Most gaming setups now sport either a Razer, Corsair and even Roccat peripherals. However, with the release of the new Fnatic Clutch G1 mouse, Fnatic has come back strong with a few new entries into the world of video games, and it’s definitely an area they know since they’ve been part of competitive gaming for a long time.

The Fnatic Clutch G1 gaming mouse comes in very pristine packaging. Once inside there isn’t much on offer here which is beneficial to those who just want to plug and play. You can find the mouse itself plus a small instruction manual that’s really a quick start guide. You need to download the driver from the Fnatic website which took no time at all and once installed, opened up an array of options which we’ll speak about later.


The mouse is large, but surprisingly light. There is a big hump to the rear of mouse designed for you to rest your palm while in use. The front mouse clicks are spacious and the two buttons under the RGB backlit scroll wheel are prominent in a way that didn’t feel uncomfortable. The two buttons are there to switch custom profiles to match your play style and the LED backlight colour can be set by yourself.

On the side you will find two big side buttons suited for right-handed gamers. They’re within easy reach if you’ve got big hands, but those with smaller grips may feel a little bit stretched when trying to press them. The mouse is extremely comfortable to hold in the hand as long as you’re using a palm grip rather than a claw grip favoured by some gamers.


The entire surface of the Fnatic Clutch G1 is covered in a soft touch plastic which is incredibly prone to finger prints, especially after long gaming sessions when your hands start to get a little clammy. The frame is made from aluminium giving it a solid feel. Being light, it was smooth when used with a gaming mouse pad, especially for sharper turns in first person shooters like Counter-Strike and Battlefield 1. For your calmer games like Rocket League, where the mouse doesn’t play a key role, it was nice to rest your hands when pressing the boost and jump buttons.

Where the mouse shines over others at the £79 price point is its software. Fnatic has been in the gaming industry a long time now, and they definitely know what gamers are after. There’s no flashy, often buggy drivers here that you could find with mice from Roccat or even Steelseries. It’s very plain, does the job and quite frankly works. There are options to adjust the DPI from as little as 50 DPI right up to 5000 DPI. There’s even the chance to change the X and Y-Axis independently from each other as well as pointer sensitivity and scroll speeds. These settings can be split up into three profiles, so for sniping, a low DPI and for competitive gaming, switch back to a high DPI.


There’s nothing flashy about the Fnatic Clutch G2 gaming mouse which is completely advantageous to competitive gamers. It’s built like an absolute tank and performed exceptionally well during  testing, and one mouse I would definitely put in the best on the market category for sure. For more information or to purchase one for yourself, please visit the Fnatic gaming website.

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