Turtle Beach is known for their gaming headsets, and we’ve tried them in the past and been impressed. Well, they have recently released a new line of headsets, the ‘Atlas’ range, which includes the Atlas Elite, Atlas Three & Altas One. We got sent the Atlas One to try out, which is their entry level headset for the range, it currently retails at a mere £39.99 and is compatible across all platforms.

Tech Spec:
– Compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices.
– Speaker Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
– 40mm drivers
– Fixed omnidirectional, flip-to-mute microphone
– Onboard volume control

Cracking straight on, in the box you get the headset, PC splitter cable, instructions and a Turtle Beach sticker. The headset itself is constructed from plastic but does have a metal headband. The headband is adjustable and has a cushion to the top. Two large cans, cushioned nicely with memory foam, cover the ears, and suitable to be worn with glasses. The cans move in two ways, left & right, and also they twist slightly at an angle. There is also a good amount of flex in the headset, which when added to the other features, offer a good level of comfort. There is a single hardwired 3.5mm jack cable from the left earpiece, along with a compact, slide down microphone and volume control knob. The headset is black throughout, with a hint of carbon fibre effect to the headband, which is a nice touch.


So the headset comes hardwired with a 3.5mm jack, which you can plug into your Xbox, PS4 or Switch directly, but if you want to use this with a PC, you need to use the splitter cable included in the box, to convert to your green & pink jacks. You can, of course, plug the 3.5mm into your audio device or phone headphone socket (if it still has one), and listen to some music. Set up? None required, simply plug and play.

I tried the headset out on a variety of games, including Black Ops 4, Guild Wars 2 and Two Point Hospital and the sound performance was excellent. The headset offered a vibrant, full sound experience, with a good level of sound accuracy, so you could hear someone coming from behind you, for example. The headset is actually optimised to deliver Microsoft’s immersive Windows Sonic for headphones surround sound on PC. I did also watch a few movie trailers, all of which offered an immersive audio experience.


The voice quality too was excellent, I had no complaints from friends I was playing with over Discord, although they did notice a difference from my usual condenser microphone, that was expected. The microphone is activated when you slide it down into position, so if you want to mute yourself for whatever reason, you just have to fold the microphone back up.

I must have been using the headset for about 3 hours each time, for a few times and for the most part, it was very comfortable. However, at times I did find the headband to be a little tight, even after adjusting, and I would have also liked the headband cushion to be bigger.

All that considered, and the low price point of just £39.99, this is a quality entry level gaming headset, that you will not be disappointed with. For more info, visit the official Turtle Beach website.