There are a lot more exciting products in the tech world than a dimmable smart bulb. But while I’m here, wanting to write about the latest televisions or cameras or games consoles, I’m also interested in tech that’s going to make your lives easier and also possibly cheaper, thanks to its partner app. It’s the TP-Link Tapo Dimmable Smart Bulb, and it does exactly what its says on the tin.

So the smart bulb is going to set you back around ¬£11 online, which sure, is pretty expensive for a light bulb, seeing as you can get a similar pack of six normal bulbs on Amazon for around the same price. But the bulb itself isn’t really the most exciting part of this product. It’s bright, with a max brightness of 806 lumens, and it’s got an E27 screw fitting to fit inside side table lamps.

tplink tapo bulb 1

But, where this product shines is in its app. The TP-Link Tapo Dimmable Smart Bulb connects to your WiFi, and can work in a number of ways. For example, I have my Tapo bulb in my desk lamp, and I’ve scheduled the app for it to come on at 18:30 every day, as it gets a bit dark around that time now in the UK, and it switches off at around 23:30 when I usually go to sleep. But, the choice is yours on the schedule.

I also have it set to around 40% brightness, as I don’t need the glare from the lamp lighting the room too much. But, as I said before, 100% brightness is very bright, and would do well in a more open room situation, llike in the corner of a living room for example.

tplink tapo bulb 1

The Tapo app has been designed to work seamlessly with other TP-Link Tapo products, like smart cameras, CCTV and smart plugs, and they can all be installed and set up by ‘rooms’. So as an example, if you leave your living room, you can turn off all your Tapo products simultaneously. Or, if you leave the house, with one tap, you can turn off all your smart devices and turn on your smart cameras.

The TP-Link Tapo Dimmable Smart Bulb is just one product in a whole line-up of products which will help with home automation. And yes, while they are expensive compared to more traditional means of lighting your home, the acompanying app and scheduling means you’re never using lights when you don’t need to, which for me is a win. Plus, they’re LEDs too, which means super cheap to power, and super cheap to run. To find out more about the TP-Link Tapo Dimmable Smart Bulb, head over to the TP-Link website.