We’re not new to Mesh networks. In fact, last year D-Link came to the rescue with one of their setups in my home. Coming from a single repeater to a fully fledged Mesh network in the home was night and day difference. And, now we’ve got a TP-Link Deco P9 Mesh system, things can only get better, for one simple reason.

The TP-Link Deco P9 mesh system isn’t just a wireless mesh system. Sure, it does all you’d expect, extending your wireless network, but this time, TP-Link has included powerline networking capabilities in their new product.

tp-link deco p9 mesh network 1

This is super advantagious if your setup is anything like mine. Let me paint you a picture. The pack we were sent comes with three units. Of course, one unit will have to be nominated to sit with your router as you would need a hardwire connection between your router and Deco P9 unit.. In my case, I have a Virgin Smart Hub 3 router.

From here, one Deco P9 unit is sitting next to my TV, with my TV and Xbox One hardwired into the rear of the unit. The other, is upstairs with my gaming rig and a wireless network speaker. Each unit luckily is spaced out around the house, to give me a nice even spread of WiFi reach. The unit by the TV even serves the garden.

tp-link deco p9 mesh network 1

What’s great about having a mesh network, rather than relying on older repeater boxes or even TP-Link’s homeplugs that we saw a while ago, is the fact that the mesh network acts as one single network for your entire house, and will seamlessly switch between each unit depending on where you are in the house and which unit is closest to you. With my old TP-Link homeplugs, I’ve got to physically connect my phone or laptop to each one if I move to a different area. The Adaptive Path Selection technology also ensures that your device is using the best route and band for your data.

Everything is controlled by a very simple app to use. You need the app to initially set up the Deco P9 network in your home. Just plug in all your units, wait for your app to find them, and away you go. It’s all very easy which I absolutely love.

tp-link deco p9 mesh network 1

The app has some very nice features which include the ability to see the connected items to the mesh network, details of your monthly usage and security threats. If you don’t recognise a device, then easily remove them from the network. What more, you can prioritise different devices to recieve more data. You can even manage your home network remotely, which is very beneficial if you have small children in the home and want to block them if they’re looking at anything unsavoury.

Lastly, the parental control options allow you to set up different users and filter the content they can see. So if you’re a nuclear family, you can put the parents on one filter level, and the kids on another. Sure there are ways around everything, but the parental controls here will at least block out most R-rated things. These parental controls can be installed for user profiles, and on an individual device level. Everything was laid out very nicely, which is refreshing. I could find everything within a few button presses, and was never got lost.

tp-link deco p9 mesh network 1

I liked this item a lot. Okay, in terms of data speeds, there’s not a huge amount of difference compared to what I’m getting now with my current mesh network. But the added powerline feature is definitely a nice touch if you’ve got wired devices in the house. Oh, and the TP-Link Deco P9 actually looks great, and wouldn’t look like an eyesore if it was prominently displayed in the home.

The 3-pack that we were sent will set you back around £169 on Amazon but if you’re needing to upgrade your home network, then this product is SO WORTH IT! For more information, head over to the TP-Link website.