These are the Tozo Golden X1 Earbuds. I’ve been using them over the last three weeks, almost every day and here are my thoughts.

Out of the box, it’s a discrete, light and compact affair. Matte black finish throughout, with just the Tozo logo to the lid. Inside are both buds, plus a single push button used for pairing and a small digital display. You can’t see it’s a display as such and you wouldn’t know it was there until it illuminates, showing charge level of the case and each bud. That’s a nice feature, visually seeing battery level rather than counting indicator lights when you close a lid, which is found on so many cases now. The buds themselves are very small, matte black again with a nice chrome logo on each of them. Shaped to sit inside your ear, with a rubber tip on the end. There is no additional support i.e rubber wings.

Spec and features are plentiful.

Knowles Balanced Armature Driver plus 12” Hybrid Dynamic Driver. Hi-res audio with LDAC support, something called OrigX pro high-quality sound which is new to me and appears to be a Tozo only thing. Active noise cancellation, wireless QI charging, upto 8hrs of charge in the buds and bluetooth 5.3.

Audio performance is really very good and I have enjoyed using them over the last few weeks. Out-of-the-box performance is well balanced, well mixed, punchy bass, with good mids and highs. All in all, very good, but you can also pair the buds with the Tozo app and then things get a little more exciting. 


The app is free to use but you need to register for an account with a legit email, as they will send you a one-time code to use to register. Sounds a bit overkill to me but these companies want as much data on you as they can nowadays. Anyway, through the app you can undertake a hearing test, which sounds out a number of beeps and you either tap yes or no when hearing it. Once done, this creates a profile for you based upon your hearing and means the buds are calibrated to some degree, to suit your hearing. On top of that, you’ve got several different preset EQ options to choose from, based upon the genre of music you’re listening to. You can also edit those EQ’s and save them too. With these options, you can really hone in on the sound you want and this really brought the earbuds to life. 

ANC with these is excellent. As they’re earbuds with rubber tips, you get a fair amount of passive noise cancellation but you can increase this via various options. These include normal noise cancellation, transparency mode, reduced wind noise, leisure mode, normal mode and custom pattern. Plenty of options there and I generally stuck with the standard ANC option, which was great and reduced the external sounds of cars, people and so forth very well. 


Moving onto comfort and yeah, I think they are comfortable but not all that secure, for me anyway. When the earbuds are in, they are comfortable, they generally stay in position and you don’t really notice them being in. However, if you don’t get a snug fit at first, you may find yourself wiggling them around to get a snug fit. With that in mind, using these for sports may be ok, maybe not. I didn’t have a great experience while cycling with these in as they were secure enough. 

The touch controls on these work well, various taps or holds on either bud will perform an action and all gestures are detailed in the instructions. You can also modify what each gesture does via the app. They’re responsive and there’s more than enough for you to control your content while leaving your phone in your pocket or bag. Removing an earbud from my ear did not pause the music which is a shame. Single ear support is available, so if you want to use just one earbud, you can do so and have one in your ear, one in the case and playback is fine. 

The retail price on these is $150 which I think is very fair considering the performance you’re getting. Overall, a great-sounding pair of earbuds, that look pretty good, packed full of features and backed up by a handy app. Not the most secure for me and my ears but that may not be the same experience for you. I will keep using these so if you have any questions or comments, drop them below and I’ll get back to you with any answers.

For more info, head over to the official Tozo website.