Tile Essentials Combo Pack Review


Tile has a few new options in their arsenal, to make it that little bit easier to keep track of our belongings. They include the Slim, Mate and Sticker. For those of you unaware, Tile devices are registered to you and via the power of Tile users via their app (countrywide mesh user system) you can locate your Tile. If your Tile is nearby, you will hear it alarm and if not, you should be able to locate it on a map and get your belongings back. Head over to the Tile website to learn more about how it works.

First up, the Mate. The Mate is a smaller version of their popular Pro model, it’s 35mm x 35mm and can be attached to a keyring. It comes in white only, it’s very lightweight and you wouldn’t notice it at all on your set of keys. It’s water-resistant, has one of the louder alarms in the range and has a coverage of 200ft or 61m. It comes with a small battery, that should last a year and can be easily replaced.


The next new product is the Slim, which is my favourite so far as I love the design and its simplicity. The Slim is a credit card-sized Tile, at just 2.4mm thick, which is about the thickness of two credit cards. It’s the same height and width as a credit card too, so it can easily be put inside your wallet or purse. It’s also very discrete, matte black with very subtle branding. Like the Mate, it has a 200ft / 61m range but this one is waterproof and doesn’t have a replaceable battery. The battery provided should last three years and then after that, you will need to purchase a replacement.

The last product in the new range is the Sticker and it’s just that, a sticker. It’s a small circular Tile at just 27mm x 7.3mm and has an adhesive sticker to the rear of it, allowing you to stick it to anything you desire. Being the smallest Tile, it has the shortage range but it’s still a respectable 150ft / 46m. It too is waterproof and has the same three year-long battery, that cannot be replaced. You can literally stick these to anything, your water bottle, your camera, your scooter, anything. The adhesive feels fairly sticky too when touched, so it should stay stuck for some time.


I used the Slim for a week and my wife used one of the Stickers. I didn’t actually lose my wallet for the whole week but I pretended I did and guess what, I found it. These new products work the same way as the original Pro’s do (although less coverage), nothings changed regarding the performance or the tech inside.

This essentials pack includes one Mate, One Slim and two Stickers. The pack retails for £64.99. The slim is the winner for me, as I’m always losing my wallet. By adding these products to their range, they really are adding flexibility and allowing customers to track more of their belongings. For more info, head over to the official Tile website.

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