ThumbsUp! Panoramic Pod review

Taking panoramic photos with your mobile phone can be a nightmare. Trying to get the blue box within the white lines to give a perfectly straight photograph, forget about it. You can have nothing but problems, until now.

ThumbsUp have the answer. They’ve come up with a portable tripod, capable of moving the phone for you. All you need to do is attach your phone vertically with the clip, wind up the base and away you go. There are even easy to read degree measurements around the circumference to pinpoint exactly where you want your photo to start and finish.

Assembling the product was extremely simple. All you have to do is screw each part into already made holes and away you go. It’s small enough to fit inside a small bag, or even your pocket.

I took a photo using a Samsung Note 3 and was pretty impressed with the results, not just because there is a great camera attached to the phone, but because the picture is smooth.

I did have one tiny issue, but it wasn’t a huge problem with the overall experience. The Samsung Note 3 seemed to be a little heavy for the tripod. The ball and socket connection seemed to slip while the phone was rotating. You really do need to be accurate with the balancing points while in use. I also tried it with a Sony Xperia Z1, a much lighter phone, and it made a world of difference.

The legs can be manoeuvred into a number of ways so if you are on an uneven surface, you can position the legs to counteract this. Again, with a heavier phone, this was not possible due to the tripod tipping, but for smaller phones, it was a great result.

You can find the Pod here and is priced on the site.

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