Thinkware F800 Pro Dashcam Review
The Good
  • Excellent low light and night time recording quality
  • Adhesive pad holds very well
The Bad
  • Very expensive compared to other dashcams on the market
4.3Overall Score

The Thinkware F800 Pro Dashcam is slightly different than the traditional dashcam that we’ve seen before. It doesn’t have a screen. Instead, Thinkware’s new flagship camera needs to use your mobile’s WiFi network so you can have access to a monitor and all the camera’s settings.

Setting up the camera was relatively easy, and synced with my phone almost right away. Of course I had to wait for the network to sort itself out, but apart from that, simple. The unit itself can be hard wired into your car, but as it was sent through to us as a review unit, we used an included 12v adaptor.

So the unit itself is very small, and had a tight mounting to the windshield to minimalise things like car vibrations to give you some silky smooth footage. There are a number of ports and buttons on either side of the unit including a power input, a video input which is meant for the optional rear view camera, a micro SD card port. The buttons are for WiFi connect, format SD card and a reset button. You can even mute sound directly from the camera too.

Everything else is controlled through the app which I think is a pretty neat way of doing things. It keeps the size of the camera small, and gives you a larger screen to select through the different menus. The camera sticks to the windshield with an adhesive pad, so make sure the camera is level before sticking it down. There’s nothing more OCD inducing than a wonky video.

The camera quality isn’t bad, and having a good level of detail in a 1080p footage is quite hard with a dashcam because of the sensors usually inside. Here you will find a Sony Exmor R STARVIS, which does a brilliant job of producing some nice colours, and especially at night. Night time filming is where this camera really shines. The quality is great, especially over the other dashcams I’ve reviewed.

You can also expect all of the additional features that dash cams usually pump out like car collision warnings, tail-gating notifications, speed camera locations, red light detection. It seems to have it all and will hopefully keep you on your toes while driving, and hugely useful if you missed a sign or a stop light.

Now the Thinkware F800 dashcam is expensive, and comes in at around £349 through various online retailers. That being said, the quality of the camera is pretty good And who cares if you don’t have a screen, it’s much less distracting while driving along anyway.

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