Prestigious audio giants Bang & Olufsen today release their new Beoplay M3 speaker. The audio unit is fully wireless and can be fully integrated into new or existing multi-room speaker setups. You can also connect your Bluetooth mobile to the unit too. The speaker itself has been designed by award-winner Cecilie Manz along side Bang & Olufsen’s own acoustic engineers to bring you some decent sound and style to the home.

“Our home wireless speakers are designed around the idea that sound should have a prominent place at home. It is about putting people before technology and designing speakers that earn attention for all the right reasons: immersive sound, a simple user experience and a design that adds warmth to the interior. Beoplay M3 delivers perfectly on this vision, and we are proud to extend the family with this compact yet powerful speaker”, says CEO of B&O PLAY John Mollanger

“Beoplay M3 is all about character; one that can easily adapt to any interior style. We have worked hard to get the very best of the premium materials used and the result is a sleek, hyper simple speaker with a precise shape. Tight, compact and powerful, Beoplay M3 blends in perfectly with your interior”, says designer Cecilie Manz.

So the speaker comes in two colours, black and silver, and both look nice and sleek. Although I do prefer the look of the silver, not sure why. I think it’s because so many tech products come in black now, it’s nice to have a change.

Looking at the two images reveals a possible difference between the two. It looks as if the black speaker has some kind metal perforated grille across the front of the unit, where as the silver version looks like some kind of material. I’m only guessing, and will be able to confirm once we get our hands on one. B&O state on their website that the front panels can be exchanged between both designs. Although they do not show a black model with the wool front.

So we don’t know too much yet, other than it’s Bang & Olufsen, so it’s got to be good right? Keep checking back here for a full review which will be coming soon.

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