It was well over a year ago that we reviewed the Thermomix TM6, an absolute powerhouse kitchen appliance that did it all and now, it’s doing even more. We’ve just been informed that as of today, the TM6 is getting two new modes and one new feature, completely free and all you need to do is update your TM6.

The first new mode is Egg Boiling! This new mode allows you to choose how you want your eggs cooked between soft, medium soft, medium, medium-hard and hard. Simply place up to 6 medium eggs directly in your mixing bowl, cover with water up to the 1-litre mark and select how you want them cooked. Done in a few minutes!

The second new mode is Warming Up! Reheat sauces, soups and stews with ease and no disintegration of chunkier ingredients. What’s more, you can reheat baby food and cream or milk to optimal temperatures without burning or overboiling. Simply add your ingredients and choose your temperature, Thermomix will do the rest!

As for the new feature, it’s such an obvious one and will make cooking recipes even easier. Recipe videos are here! This long-awaited feature is now available directly on the home screen of your TM6 where you will be able to see step-by-step videos on selected recipes. To showcase this new feature, Vorwerk has curated a collection of 15 sweet and savoury recipes in ‘Brilliant Baking’ available on Cookidoo. Another reason to subscribe to the recipe service…

I’m impressed with Vorwerks continued development of the TM6 and the ease of simply pushing out an update to the machine, can add so much. Thermomix is a top quality product and it just keeps on getting better.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the official Vorwerk Thermomix webpage.