Super Mario Has Been With Us for 45 Years

There have been some pretty famous video game characters appear on our console over the last 20 years or so, but none more famous than the red jumpsuit wearing plumber. Yes, you’re thinking what I’m thinking. Mario of course. Nintendo’s mascot has been present in-game since the early 80s, and to celebrate his presence in some of the world’s most popular games, Plentific.com has taken a look at some of the crucial design changes that Nintendo has made to Mario since the start.


Donkey Kong (Arcades) 1981

Our favourite game hero made his first appearance in the popular arcade machine game Donkey Kong. Users had to scale various coloured girders and avoid the barrels that Donkey Kong threw at you. The objective here; Mario has to rescue his girlfriend Pauline at the top of the level. It was hard, and kept a solid pace and only really welcomes hardened arcade goers. It’s a lot of fun, albeit extremely frustrating.



Super Mario Bros (NES) 1985

If you didn’t experience a NES in your childhood, you definitely missed out as this is where Mario really made his proper debut into the gaming industry. Many of his most recognised power ups and tools made their first appearance here which have made it into the rest of the games following. Even the infamous fire breathing Bowser made his first debut. So a great experience all around.



Super Mario Kart (Super Nintendo) 1992

Fasten your seatbelts as this was one of those most friendly but frustrating racing games of the decade. The original Mario Kart saw a team of familiar faces race around funky colourful tracks collecting power ups as you fought for first place. The red homing shell was one of the worst, but most effective if used correctly. It stopped your fellow racers in their tracks. The game as gone on to release new titles for every single generation of Nintendo console.



Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64) 1996

It feels like yesterday I was playing this. Considered one of the best releases onto the N64 console, it was the first title to render the plumber’s wacky world in full 3D. Seeing Mario in 3D for the first time was absolute marvelous for many gamers out there, and the ability to explore different worlds, mind blowing. And what’s better, is that it was on the first 64-bit games console in the world, giving players a pretty immersive experience with its glorious graphics.



Super Mario Sunshine (Nintendo Gamecube) 2002

Only armed with a water jet named F.L.U.D.D, Mario had to save a tropical island from a bunch of notorious graffiti monsters. Unfortunately he was blamed for their constant tagging and therefore recruited to clean the mess. The game took inspiration from Super Mario 64, and integrated full 3D rendering, as well as the Gamecube’s graphical power to create a sunshine state never to be forgotten.



Super Mario Maker (Nintendo Wii U) 2016

The latest installment to Nintendo’s popular universe was Super Mario Maker, a tool which allowed users to create and share their own levels with the world. Some of them were easy, but most of them are absolute nightmares, possible to complete, but not without throwing your controller at the TV a few times. The game was incredibly fun, and gave users hours worth of content building abilities. It requires an Internet connection to download people’s level designs.


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