Booq Shock Pro Bag Review

This whole life of luxury accessories is really starting to affect me. I go to university and work carrying a cheap backpack from a high street retailer. It’s got rips, blemishes on the leather accents and even a broken and ripped apart pocket down the side. I love it though and can’t seem to find a bag just like this one.

But then Booq asked me to take a look at their new Shock Pro Laptop bag which has given me a wakeup call to start looking for a new bag. The luxury feel and aesthetic that the Shock Pro gives off is astounding, and if you’re someone like me, who carries his life around on his back, then this will definitely cater for your needs.


It’s been built using 1680D nylon which promises to protect the insides from things like water and dust. During our time with the bag it was pretty good weather so we didn’t get chance to test out in nature, so instead opted to pour a glass of water over the top of it, and yes, no internal sections got wet which was great.

The Shock Pro Laptop case is split up into several sections, with two main compartments on the front and two side pockets. There is also a secret pocket at the base of the bag that could hold any kind of loose items. Inside is absolutely spacious, enough to fit your laptop as well as charger and a whole bunch of books or files. Literally your life can be stored in this bag.


The very rear pocket is dedicated to a laptop up to 16” which is more than enough for most people. You lot with gaming laptops at 17” will struggle. Heading towards the front are two more compartments. The first which is by far the largest on the bag will hold a lot. This is where the bulk of your equipment would go: camera gear including multiple lenses, your lunch for work, folders for important documents, everything. There’s even little cut outs for things like pens and two internal pouches for your business cards and keys.

Moving forward to the last pouches on the front and you will find one small pouch big enough for a small tablet, and also the pouch on the bottom which opens up as a soft bag that flows into the main interior section. Not sure what you could put here that couldn’t go into the main pouch but it’s nice to have. The side pouches are there for things like water bottles as well as other small accessories.


The straps that go over your shoulders are fully adjustable and even have these neat Velcro holders so you don’t need to have the excess flack of the strap adjustors hanging down which is a quality touch. There is a clip strap that goes in between the two shoulder straps to ensure the bag stays secure on your back. And don’t worry about sweaty back syndrome, unless you’re on the tube in summer of course. There is special air flow padding that ensures air can get to the skin, something I find is quite rare in backpacks.

However, this life of luxury does come at a price. The bag is currently retailing on the Booq website for £195 so be warned, it’s not cheap. But it doesn’t need to be. This bag is for people who are literally on the move every day, who need some solid protection for the expensive gear they could be carrying around. I think I’ve finally found a replacement for my torn up backpack. I just need to fill it with everything I own.

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    Kazi S.

    Hey, great review. Is this bag still durable and in good condition, even now? I’m thinking about buying this bag for school and travel. Need something that is spacious and lasts a long time.


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