Artificial Intelligence has breached almost all major aspects of people’s life these days. AI technologies have made it easier for people to do menial tasks. But certain AI technologies can prove to be dangerous for people’s minds.

ExpressVPN revealed that people are experiencing an altered perception of reality due to technologies like deepfakes. These technologies can eventually lead to the spread of disinformation on the internet. Recently, an AI-generated image of Vladimir Putin kissing Xi Jinping’s hand circulated the internet, with many believing the image was real. This raises the question of how many people know about deepfakes and believes everything they encounter online.

How Does Deepfake Technology Work

Deepfakes are synthetic media used in creating fake visual and audio content. The technology collects data from large data samples to copy human body language and can easily create realistic video overlays. The technology can be used to digitally modify to create believable images or videos, which can be used for malicious intents.

The Dangers Of Deepfake Technology

The dangers of deepfakes are not very heavily known by everyone, and this poses a threat. There is no guarantee that what you see online is real, and deepfakes have successfully lessened the gap between fake and real content. Even though the technology can be used for creating innovative entertainment projects, it is also being heavily misused by cybercriminals. Additionally, if the technology is not monitored properly by law enforcement, things will likely get out of hand quickly.

Viewers need to know how to spot a deepfake. There are many reasons why this is important. The deepfake technology can be used to later historical footage or spread false news and misinformation among people easily. Even if certain content is later classified as deepfake, it will still be a part of people’s memory, and they can still believe it to be true.

Other than using deepfake to spread misinformation, there are certain other malicious purposes for which the technology can be used. Identity theft is one of the biggest problems arising from deepfake technology. It will become very easy for cybercriminals to impersonate people for financial gain, eventually increasing the number of Internet scams. Deepfake technology can also be used to create pornography content and explicit images, which can result in the exploitation of people on the internet.

Technological advancements are important, but it is also essential that preventive measures are taken so that criminals are not misusing such technologies. Meanwhile, educating people about the existence and the dangers of deepfakes could make them more aware while consuming content online.


Not a lot of people are aware of the dangers of deepfake technology. Deepfakes can be useful in the field of media and entertainment; however, so far, there have been multiple cases of misinformation and internet scams due to this technology. The malicious use of deepfake technology can severely impact viewers’ minds and create problematic situations in the long run. The responsibility essentially falls on the shoulders of viewers to do proper research before they believe anything they see online.