Hello! Welcome back to the channel and this weeks episode of 180 Tech Chat. CES is coming to a close, we did go this year, we weren’t sure what travelling would be like so we’ve caught up on the event from home. We dropped a bunch of videos over the last week, specifically on some of the highlights from CES, so go check them out later but in this video, we’re going to run through some of the best and worst products shown at CES 2022. 

It’s completely bonkers and probably not that necessary but BMW had a car on show over in Vegas, the iX Flow and its unique selling point, it changes colour. A car that changes its colour, who’d have thought it. This has been all over the socials, videos on TikTok, it looks impressive, the technology behind it and bringing it to the exterior of a car, bravo. The iX Flow is a concept car, so don’t get too excited and it uses electronic ink technology, which is normally found in e-readers. They could only showcase two colours at the show, grey and white and you can see it swapping between the two but BMW says they are developing it further to bring more colours and effects. 

From something quite original and cool to not something that should have stayed at CES 2019, the Sony car. Do you remember that? Sony teased they were building their own car in partnership with a manufacturer. Well, nothing mainstream came from it over the last two years but they’ve gone and don’t it again but this time we saw an SUV instead. I don’t think Sony should be putting much effort into the automotive business.

What about something mobile, something that folds. How about the Asus Zebook 17 fold. Yeh, a 17” foldable laptop. Wait, laptops fold already, Asus has produced a folding screen, with a keyboard, so which is this hybrid laptop/tablet thing. I have to say, I do love the idea of this. The device unfolds to reveal a 17” display, which has a pull out stand at the rear, add the Bluetooth keyboard and that’s option one. You can also half-open this, the clamshell look, with a touch keyboard on the lower half if you didn’t want to carry the separate keyboard. OR scrap the keyboard altogether and just enjoy the gloriously large 17” tablet. Spec-wise as well, OLED, Windows 11 Pro, 2k resolution, Intel i7 chips, Dolby Vision, there’s a lot of promise here and it could be epic, we’ll have to try to get our hands on one. 

One for the gamers now, one that we would have 100% gone and seen, an off the shelf haptic feedback, immersive gaming chair from Razer. It may look like a standard Razer gaming chair, with a bit of a chunky base but from what we’ve seen, it’s going to add another level of immersion into your gaming and potentially open up haptic feedback products like this to the mass market. It’s called the Razer Enki Pro HyperSense, and they’re saying it’s an advanced gaming chair armed with a powerful haptic engine. Designed to generate arcade-style tactile sensations, we’ve combined intense gaming realism and all-day comfort to create a seat that feels like no other. Watching some of the samples, they’re using the chair while playing a racing game, which makes perfect sense and will likely be the best way of using it. You brake, you feel that jerk, you crash, you feel that too. If you’re playing an FPS, I don’t think you getting shot is going to add much in the way of haptic feedback but who knows, it might be fun, we’ll have to visit a Razer store and try it out.