Ted Baker AW16 iPhone Case Review

A little while ago we wrote an announcement piece for the new Ted Baker AW16 iPhone cases. AW16 is Ted Baker’s new clothing line being released by this September ’16, with AW standing for Autumn/Winter. Well now we’ve managed to secure a few in the TechNuovo offices, we thought it’d be best to follow up with a more in-depth article on what you can expect from the new fashion company’s case range.

Each of the cases we have had the chance to look at falls in line with the new clothing designs on offer from Ted Baker. Our favourite being the flower arrangements on the back of certain snap cases. By snap cases we mean the type of cases that protect the back of the phone only. We have also seen a book style case for an iPhone 6S as well as a tablet folio case for an iPad Air 2.

ted baker aw16 iphone 6 cases 2

Each design looks like it’s been hand crafted. The material used looks to be of very high quality, which really gives a decent aesthetic and look to the phone. The snap case flower patterns come in different colours, with some having white backdrops and pink flowers, while others have black backdrops and blue or yellow flowers to give some contrasting looks. The flower snap cases feel very smooth, but are definitely grippy enough to be able to hold securely and comfortably in your hand.

What does look special is that some trims on the book type cases for the iPhone 6S come with a solid golden trim, giving the edges enough protection from drops and scrapes. The inside of the book and folio cases are covered in the material from the front of the case as well as the gold trim continuing into the back to make sure your phone is held securely in place. The book cases also come with a little vanity mirror, giving you the chance to get  your look right to match the style of your iPhone case.

ted baker aw16 iphone 6 cases 3

There’s something very high quality about the new Ted Baker AW16 case range. They look extremely stylish, and to be  honest, offer a decent level of protection to your devices. Price wise they’re going to be retailing at around £34.99 for the iPhone cases and £54.99 for the iPad cases which are a little pricey. But who can put a price on looking good right? You can find out more information from the Proporta website where they are being sold.