Arlo Q Security Camera Review

The Arlo Q is a 1080p HD security camera with audio. Relatively easy to set up, and a little slow on the uptake and you need a darn good wireless signal. You can’t easily swap it around networks either. And you need to pay for a cloud recording contract. BUT, having said all the negative things I can about it, the rest is brilliant.

arlo q 1
The images are crisp and clear, and the voice/mic setup is easy to hear. So, the setup. Download the Arlo app to your Apple or Android device. Or PC.

arlo q 2
Launch, plug in the Arlo Q camera to a power socked using the USB lead which is around three metres long, click a couple of buttons, stick your phone in front of it to pair, sign up to an account, and away you go.

As mentioned, you do need to pay for cloud based recording. The basic account is free for up to five cameras with seven days worth of recording of up to 1GB. There is the Premier and Elite accounts for £64 and £99 a year. These give you 10 cams and 15 cams with 30 days and 60 days of recording on 10GB and 100GB of space. You can pay monthly, too.

arlo q 3
We had the Arlo Q set up in the office and lounge to watch the front door with its 130 degree viewing angle. It can be wall mounted and the base is also magnetic. You even get a sticker to put on a window to warn burglars the system is there.

We have a pretty decent wireless system at home using Virgin Media, but the Arlo Q did suffer a little when you asked a little too much of it. It claims a 300 feet range with line of sight, but it doesn’t like more than a couple of wall.

arlo q 4

I would recommend this Arlo Q device for quick easy surveillance of whatever you need to watch. Checking your phone shows what’s going on live, and that can be very reassuring, especially with the two way audio which also worked pretty well. It comes with night vision, motion detection, activity zones and scheduling.

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