Ted Baker Showcase Their New iPhone 7 Accessories

Ted Baker’s AW16 iPhone cases are finally here! Along with their new Autumn/Winter collection, Ted Baker incorporates your favourite outfit with your favourite accessory. Each case matches with the new clothing designs, ranging from beautiful floral dresses to glossy handbags and high heels. But the cases are not gender-specific. In fact, AW16 encompass a lovely variety of mix-and-matches for both men and women. One of our favourites being the leather navy blue book case as well as the more rough, fabric-laced grey case with arrow patterns. Both of which match a large handbag for men, presenting a rich and masculine appeal.


Image by Katie Hirst

Notwithstanding, of course, is the light pink floral snap case with the black backdrop, resembling that of a beautiful O’Keefe painting. And in contrast, the dark purple portable iPhone charger with starburst flowers that can charge two devices at once. There are also book and folio cases where on the inside lays a small vanity mirror – perfect for those quick eye-linear check-ups as you’re making your way downtown Friday night.


Image by Katie Hirst

The iPhone is the most personalised product. Holding onto all of our contacts, photos, videos, notes, important dates, that one reminder you keep forgetting to tick off…it is basically an archive of our day-to-day life. Of our memories. For this reason, during the AW16 launch Ted Baker’s historian Peter McDonough refers to the iPhone as our “treasured possession”. Question is: how will you take care of your treasured possessions?


Image by Katie Hirst

Cases are essentially needed for two reasons: to protect your phone and to project your personality. While the lateral is more of a practical concern, the former is of great importance. As McDonough asks, “How do you stand our from the crowd?”


Image by Katie Hirst

The Ted Baker AW16 cases are a wonderful example of how to compliment your personality to your style. While the snap cases are certainly smooth and soft on the surface, the material used is thick enough to protect your phone and gives a good grip. So, you can now walk around without the worry of your phone slipping out of your hand while rocking an elegant, stylish look. They have that pizzazz, the classy high-end look, and if you ask me, I wouldn’t mind getting one as a Christmas present.


Image by Katie Hirst

All the cases fit iPhone 7 as well as the iPhone 6/6s, which is perfect because frankly, who wants to spend money on an iPhone7? Especially when you can buy a snazzy case for your current phone instead!  While the AW16 iPhone cases will be retailing for £34.99, there is no doubt that these are high-quality, trendy cases. And not only do they provide a protective layer to your phone, but they also show-off a new chic, glamorous panache. If you’d like to browse through their styles or find out information, go to the Proporta website.