Braun CareStyle 3 Steam Generator Iron Review

You know, irons are a weird one for me. I’ve pretty much survived my adult life so far by using £20 throwaway traditional iron. So when something as substantial as a Braun CareStyle 3 steam generator iron turns up to the office, I kind of panicked.

So for those of you out there who are just as n00b as me when it comes to ironing, a steam generator iron is a lot bigger in size to your traditional iron. It comes in two parts, the iron and a reservoir/heat generator. There;s a cable between the two that allows the steam to travel through to fire out of the holes in the base plate of the iron.


This allows you to fire out large quantities of steam at a very steady rate as opposed to quick bursts of steam in a more traditional set up. This enables users to iron at a much faster rate.

Now looking at the Braun CareStyle 3, there is a two litre water tank which is where the steam is drawn from. Two litres is a large amount of water which is great. A basket load of clothes took around 30 minutes to get through. The heating element receives 2400W of power which enables the iron to fire out a maximum of 340 g/min of steam once the trigger on the handle is pulled.

A great feature, and something I’ve never seen on an iron before is that the rear of the iron base curves which gives users a much easier time going back and forth over an item of clothing. Usually the rear can get snagged on things like buttons or shirt pockets, but the Braun CareStyle 3 glides over garments very well.


Pricing wise I’ve seen this steam generator iron as low as £179.99 online. This may be a shock to you compared to the more conventional irons, but compared to other steam generators, it’s pretty reasonable. The Braun CareStyle 3 is a welcome addition to my home, and something that would save me time. Ironing is such a tedious chore, so anything that speeds this up is definitely welcome in my eyes.

For more information or to even purchase one yourself, please visit the Braun website for additional information.


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