Don’t own a cat? Then this may not be for you but if you do own your very own feline, then this could give you peace of mind and assist in helping you locate your cat, as we all know they like to play hide and seek or wander off. TabCat is a cat tracking device that is worn on your cat’s collar. It can detect the device/cat from up to 122 meters away using the best in class RFID technology. I’ve got two cats so thought I would give this a go.

Over a quarter of UK families in the UK have a cat – they play a big part in family life and losing one can be distressing. Despite popular myth, when cats get lost it is not usually because they have roamed a long distance but because they have hidden close to home and become trapped. This is why Tabcat’s RFID based technology is important. It has a small but very accurate range that works even through thick walls. Most tags used GPS technology which has a huge range but is not accurate and won’t work if obstacles are in the way.


The TabCat is beautifully packaged, with bundles of information inside and out. Within the packaging is two tracking devices, two plastic covers for the devices and the device detector. There are instructions included aswell, which I would recommend you read so you understand how to set up the system and how to use it.

You first need to pair the detector and tracker together. You do this by holding the two devices together, ensuring any other trackers are far away to avoid cross interference, and selecting one of the four buttons on the front on the detector. By selecting button one, you are linking the tracker to that setting on the detector. This allows you to have up to four trackers, which can be selected via the four buttons on the detector. Ensure the two devices stay close to each other and after a few beeps and flashing lights, the two will be paired together.


Now when I first heard about TabCat, I thought it would be an App based piece of software, install it to your phone and link it to something that went on the cat’s collar. How wrong I was. Instead of the GPS/App idea in my mind, instead TabCat have patented a RF-based technology, which they say is far superior than GPS and accurately guides you within 2.5cm of your cat. Yes, the detector is just that, it helps you locate your cat via the visual display of indicator lights and beeping sounds on the detector. Imagine an old school metal detector, the principle is the same, the closer you get to what you’re looking for, the beeps increase in tempo and more lights flash up. With this level of accuracy, it’s even helpful in your own home, to locate the cat under the bed.

I tested it on my cats and have to say it worked really well. It does have an old school approach to it, so I did have to use it a couple of times before fully getting to grips with it but it’s very easy to use and simple to pick up. I was able to locate my cat within my house, down the drive and in a neighbor’s garden.


There are a couple of quibbles I have with this product. The first is that the devices require batteries so you need to ensure these get replenished regularly to avoid it not working when the cat goes missing. However, TabCat do state that the batteries will last upto 2 years with regular use. Secondly its range, 122m is very decent but if the cat is truly lost, there is a high chance it may have gone further than this. Not major issues but food for thought.

The TabCat currently retails at £69.99 and at that price, its defiantly worth it if you are a cat lover! For further info and to purchase, visit the official TabCat website.