Swisstone BX200 Bluetooth Speaker


This is the first time we’ve heard of Swisstone and after a little research, we found out they manufacture Bluetooth speakers, smart watches and mobile phones. A random mix I know! This is a budget Bluetooth speaker from them, so let’s their new Swisstone BX200 out.

I found four speakers by the company, with this being the cheapest and entry level version. The packaging is in German but dont be put off, I can’t imagine instructions are required to make this thing work. Decent packaging, with a window to the front so you can see the product without taking it out of the box. The speaker is also well protected within the packaging.


As mentioned before, the speaker is Bluetooth, has a built-in microphone so you can take and receive phone calls with it, has an eight hour battery life and is somewhat water resistant with an IPX4 rating.

Taking the speaker out for the first time, I really like the way it looks! The grill on the front reminds me of frequency levels going up and down and I think that works really well. On the top right there are four rubber buttons: power on/off, volume up/down which doubles as a skip tracks and play/pause/take call. It’s very light and quite small. It would probably just about fit in your pocket if baggy jeans are your thing.


Sound wise it’s pretty good. You have to remember that this speaker costs less than £30, so you can’t expect miracles. The speaker does produce a well rounded sound however and would suit bedroom listening. It can however get rather loud but does lack a little on the bass front. It does lose some of its quality at the higher volumes and I would say it will only fill a small room with music, I wouldn’t use this for a house party.

This speaker is perfect for background music or music on the go. It’s light in weight and fairly robust, so take it to the beach with you or when you go to your next festival and it will do you proud. It’s currently available for £28 from reichelt, online electronics retailer, where many products are up to 20% cheaper than elsewhere in the UK.

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