STM Myth Laptop Backpack Review

STM Myth Laptop Backpack

STM are a company that make various bags; whether that’s a backpack, sachel, or dedicated laptop bag, they seen to do bags for all occasions. They even dabble in tablet cases as well which we’ve looked at in the past. They sent us one of their new Myth bags to take a look at. This isn’t the first STM bag we’ve seen here at TechNuovo, but it is definitely the best.

The STM Myth is a 28-litre laptop backpack which has been designed pretty differently from previous bags we’ve seen. It’s also the biggest laptop backpack in the STM range according to their website. Where their previous bags have been aimed quite heavily at the tech-heads of this world, the new STM Myth has a bit of a fashion sense.

It’s like dressing your typical Cheetos covered, gaming themed t-shirt wearing nerd in a sharp suit you typically see in a Hugo Boss advert. It’s stylish, fashionable, and would not look out of place if worn when walking into your posh London office.

STM Myth Laptop Backpack

The STM Myth backpack has more pockets than you would ever need, kept inside three main compartments of your bag. The most notable though is the laptop pouch, that uses their SlingTech technology which gives the pouch extra padding and gapless corners. This in turn suspends the laptop away from any edges, softening the blows if the bag is dropped on the floor.

STM Myth Laptop Backpack

On the rear is a couple of very thick padded areas which keeps the laptop away from your back perfect for airflow. No more sweaty summer backs when wearing this on the commute. There’s a chest strap as well to save fatigue from your shoulders if carrying a heavy load as well as a panel that comes away so you can easily strap it to pull-along luggage.

Other than that there are a few interesting areas like the AirPod pocket giving access to in-ear wireless headphones quickly and also a dedicated place in the front to keep wired headphones stored, saving time untangling them after being kept at the bottom of a bag.

STM Myth Laptop Backpack

Secondly I want to point out a fleece-lined sunglasses pouch in the front compartment too to save them from scratches. Not many bags at all go into this much detail when designing their backpacks. And finally, there’s a throughput allowing a cable to be trailed through the bag. You can keep your phone in one pocket, and your powerbank in another.

The entire backpack has been coated in a C6DWR water repellent, and when wearing this backpack in the rain while walking to work, I found my stuff inside to be dry.

STM Myth Laptop Backpack

The STM Myth bag, although awesome does come at a price although definitely not as expensive as other premium bags out there. You can find it on their website for around $99, which for this, I think is pretty reasonable. It’ll definitely last you a long time, thanks to its premium materials and design. For more information, head over to the STM website.

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