Now I’m not saying Stefanos isn’t already famous, he is a very popular, rising Tennis pro, but I’ve only just heard of him. How did I hear about him? Via the local news in the UK, due to his performance at the Australian Open but I looked into him a bit more, when a certain popular YouTuber gave him a shout out.

Stefanos Tsitispas (20yrs old) is a Greek professional tennis player. He is the youngest player ranked into the top 20 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and has a career-high ranking of No.15 in the world. He became the first Greek player to win an ATP title at the Stockholm Open towards the end of 2018, before winning the Next Gen Finals a few weeks later.

What else is Stefanos? He is a fully fledged YouTuber! He likes to vlog his tennis career, where he travels to and has done videos on the usual topics, ‘Trying snacks from around the world’. As of last week, he had 80 videos uploaded and an impressive 15,000 subscribers, gained from his high profile tennis career.

However, that was all about to change. After beating the mighty Roger Federer at the Australian Open on Sunday, Stefanos did a tv interview, and the topic of his YouTube channel came up. He discussed how he enjoyed making videos, the creative side of things and gave a shout out to Casey Neistat & Peter McKinnon for being his inspiration. Casey heard about this and he uploaded a video about the interview, about Stefanos and boy did his subscribers get on board.

Casey in return gave Stefanos a shout out during the video and dropped a link in the video description too. Since that video, Stefanos’s channel exploded and the amount of subscribers has increased 10 fold, over night. Sure, Casey has some 10,000,000 subscribers to his channel and only about 1% of his subscribers, subscribed to Stefanos, but this just shows how much influence these social media stars have now. This isn’t the first time Casey has done this either, he’s also helped is BRU, Dan Mace out, from 100k upto 750k subs.

I watched some of Stefanos’s videos and he has them down on lock. The gear he uses, the production level and him as a person, makes for some excellent & interesting viewing material. I recommend you go and take a look! His YouTube channe: