Steelseries Rival Gaming Mouse Review

Introducing the new Rival, the soft-touch gaming mouse from Steelseries. It has an advanced optical sensor that can accurately track your movement and speed. Across its 30 million-click lifespan, the Steelseries Rival Gaming Mouse offers a consistent quality unmatched by other suppliers.

It’s a right-hand design, so you lefties out there unfortunately miss out. One may be available in the future, but we haven’t heard anything at the moment.

The soft-touch I mentioned at the beginning of the review is actually an anti-sweat coating giving you enhanced grip while playing games for an extended period. It also has rubber side grips so you have increased control over your gaming mouse.

The Steelseries Rival has a brand new modern optical sensor. Combine that with the new Steelseries Engine 3 software it gives users precise configuration over their control. The sensitivity is controlled using the counts per inch (CPI) slider. It can reach up to 6500 CPI right down to a one millisecond response time. This means zero lag and absolute pure control over your gaming.

The Steelseries Rival Gaming Mouse is very big compared to other mice. You would need to use a palm grip. However, if you are a claw grip gamer, you may find movement is decreased   and may be unable to reach the thumb buttons. For you gamers whose mice are swallowed up with your palm, this mouse is definitely for you.

The Engine 3 software allows you to control more things than just the sensitivity. You have the ability to set up macros so mouse clicks become different actions and change sensitivity on the fly. You can keep your settings in tidy profiles which can be assigned to different colours of illumination so you will know which profile is active.

A nice touch is the removable rubber nameplates. Currently shipped with the mouse are “Rival” and “Steelseries” but we’ve been told that the company is in touch with a 3D printing business so you can customise the nameplates even further.