Wearing an Android device on your arm is becoming a social norm, and LG have decided to jump on the band wagon with their LG G Watch. It is the first smart watch from LG and was released alongside Android Wear earlier this year.

The LG G Watch has a square face which works well due to the swiping movements you need to make in order to flick through the menus. The extremely clear 240×240 resolution makes reading even the smallest writing on the screen easy.

The smart watch connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Having the watch connected gives you all the features available. It gives you a notification when a message comes through, it can locate where you are using Google maps and it can also be used as a fitness device counting your steps and checking your heart rate.

Google’s Android Wear collates the various functions into one easy to use app.

LG’s first attempt at a smart watch has definitely been a successful one. It’s a great looking device with a large amount of functionality. The only thing we need now is more 3rd party apps to fill it up.

They’re currently retailing at around £140 and can be found at Amazon.

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