Steelseries QcK+ Limited Gaming Mouse Mat Review

Okay, mouse mats to most are pretty boring products, and there is not much to say about them. But in reality, the difference between a great mouse mat and using the desk as your surface of choice could be the difference between hitting that crucial head shot in a match point round of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and losing the game for your team. The surface that you play on is just as important as the mouse you decide to palm during gaming sessions.

So what is so intriguing about the new Steelseries QcK+ gaming mouse pad? The mouse pad we’re taking a look at comes in at 450 x 450 x 3mm. It’s huge, and from our images you can see that for us to use it properly, we had to tuck it underneath the monitor and even a third of our keyboard. There are many different sizes available with the largest, the QcK XXL which comes in at 900 x 400 x 4mm.  The Limited Edition version however only comes in the former size mentioned here.

On top you will find a really smooth surface, but not so smooth that you’ll send your mouse flying. There is enough friction here which aids in giving you some precision when sliding your mouse across the face of the pad. There’s even a nice – although this changes between different models of Steelseries mouse pads – a nice polygonal pattern, giving your desk a modern/futuristic feel. On the base you will find a rubber face, making it sure it stays in place on your desk.

Running through a few games of Battlefield 1, I must admit that using the Steelseries Qck+ with my Fnatic Clutch G1 gaming mouse was a dream. My gaming experience did improve, coming from using my desk as my gaming surface. The actual size meant that I could turn 360-degrees a lot better as my mouse had no chance of sliding off of the edge of the pad.

What is an interesting feature, and one that I’ve not actually seen before on a mouse pad is the anti-fraying stitched edges. It means that the mouse pad has minimal chances of fraying or peeling away which can be common issue with mouse pads that have been put through the paces.

So yes, although mouse pads aren’t the most exciting products in the world, they do enhance gameplay quite a bit. And the features of the Steelseries QcK+ gaming mat are definitely worth the starting price of £19.99. You can find more information on the Steelseries website.