Spotify has finally listened to its users. They’ve decided to remove the 10,000 song library limit. Okay, I know it seems like a pretty huge number, but considering Spotify has been around now since late 2008, there are people out there that have been saving songs for that amount of time. Doesn’t feel like a service that’s almost 12 years old does it.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s completely unlimited. Offline downloads are still capped to 10,000 songs on five different devices, although that’s still 50,000 songs in total. Also, your own curated playlists are limited to 10,000 songs too. But again, 10,000 songs in a playlist, you’ll never listen to them all!

The new update does spurt good news to people who like to save entire albums to listen to later. It means that users now don’t have to carefully curate their own playlists, and just save entire albums instead.

Spotify currently has roughl 130 million subscribers, and has a total of 50 million tracks to listen to, from popular music, game soundtracks, movie scores and more.