Sony tonight shared with us a new update from the new Last Of Us Part II, which included some insight into the story, and even some chunky bits of gameplay to get fans pumped for Naughty Dog’s upcoming release.

The Last Of Us II’s story is again, based in Seattle. There are skyrises and water fronts and large open areas ready to be explored. Ellie now hs multiple new ways to traverse the map which includes new climing talents and even an ability to throw a rope to cross gaps and ravines.New traversal. Climb and throw ropes.

There are even sections that can be explored via horseback, which instantly reminded me of Red Dead Redemption 2, especially the bits in the snow. There are also boats that can be used for the streeets that have been flooded.

There are now two warring factions, which are at war for territory and resource. The first is the WLF or Western Liberation Front. These bunch of baddies rose to power during the Seattle military lockdown. They weren’t happy, so became powerful and took over.

The second are called the Seraphites, or Scars, as no one is going to say the Seraphites really are they. But, they’ve backed up the nickname by branding the Seraphites with deep cuts and scars on their faces and bodies.

And our favourite enemies (just joking) are making a return – the Infected. However, this pesky lot have some changes added. Runners now act more agressive. The scary blind Clickers make a return, as well as the Stalkers. Enemies will sneak and hide and try and get the better of you.

A new addition to the Infected are called Shamblers, which can be compared to the likes of bloaters from other zombie games. If they get close, then the gas that dispells from their bodies will burn you. Don’t shoot them close though, as they’ll burst. We’ve also been promised that there are more enemy surprises to come.

The dogs that belong to the factions pick up Ellie’s scent trail so can’t hide or have to mask your scent. You can also use long grass to hide. If caught though, or surrounded, running away is a viable way to escape and get control of your stealth. If you do need to fight, Ellie is now agile and can fight for survival and use thowing items and shoot the kneecaps of enemies enemies to inhibit them. And if you get really lucky on location, you can pit the Infected and factions against eachother by using distractions.

Finally, Sony showed off some upgradable talents and even being able to upgrade your guns to suit your playstyle. Stick a scope on a rifle kind of thing. Crafting is also availabe for mines, grenades and pistol supressors.

There’s no denying that this trailer has left us wanting more. Between the action, the new additions, and the quality gameplay Sony showed off in the last 10 minutes, The Last Of Us II is already shaping up to be one wicked addition to the Last Of Us story.