Sony’s new CX410E is a simple straight forward design. Its specification is no joke either.

Sony has included a 26.8mm G Lens. This lets you fit more than just what’s in front of you into the frame. It creates a much larger angle, picking up what you usually see in your peripheral vision. Great for all your beautiful scenery shots.

It is now possible to get even closer to your subject with a 55x extended zoom. The camcorder also includes Sony’s new Bionz processor. An advanced image processing chip which creates those much crisper, sharper images, even at full zoom.

The anti shake is a superb feature as well. It gives you so much leeway with how much the camera moves while shooting.

Its highly sensitive Exmor R CMOS sensor gives great results when shooting low light level footage so this camera will feel right at home during your backyard firework display, or your candle-lit dinner.

Filming at 25p (P meaning progressive) gives you full HD at 25 frames per second. This is almost as sharp as the human eye. The human eye sees at 24 frames per second, 24p. What you see with your eyes, the camera can replicate, and combined with the right TV, the CX410E will give you some truly superb classic movie looking footage.

But all these features would create a complete package without built in Wi-Fi to be able to share all your home movie memories online. With a couple of button clicks your videos will be swimming in the content rich world of YouTube and Facebook.

Even though the design is simple, the CX410E really kicks other similar priced camcorders out the water. This is a great all round camcorder that will fit any type of lifestyle. Need something a little more? Why not check out the Canon XA10