Snakehive Wilderness Wood Phone Case Collection Review

Snakehive, the brand behind some of the most prestigious looking cases on the market has just released their new wood covered designs. Their designs typically come in three different styles. The first is a flip case, which will protect the front and back. The second is a wallet/folio type book style case while the third is your every day rear case, especially great for those phones like the Samsung S series and iPhone 7 which have Gorilla Glass rears.

We’ve been sent through a couple of cases for the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge. The cases fit tightly around the bezel of the mobiles, enabling you to still use the side buttons and access the charging and headphone ports with ease. The wooden back does give the phone a slightly slippery touch, so do be careful when handling then device. It’s no slipperier than the Gorilla Glass backplate.

Apart from that which I thought needed to be said, the cases do actually look quite stunning, and give off a premium feeling in the hand. Inside the case you will find a soft rubber type surface, giving the phone inside much needed protection. Around the edges it’s solid, so it will give the phone an element of protection. The outer surface of the cases are covered in wood. All buttons, the charging port and headphone jack are all exposed, for easy access so the case doesn’t have to come off of the mobile.

What is really nice about these cases is that the wood grain, meaning the pattern the wood shows are kind of unique to your case. They state on their website that the images shown do not represent the products you may receive, and that’s down to the wood. The phone will fit the case regardless. The Snakehive logo has been branded to the wood on the case too which is very subtle, and does not interfere with the overall aesthetic of the wood look.

The wood comes from sustainable sources, so don’t be put off by destroying the planet when purchasing one of these models. You can find more information on this on the Snakehive website. The cases start at around £12.95 for the back cases and are available now.