PUMP Audio In-Ear Earphones Review

PUMP is an audio manufacturer that has found its success through Kickstarter campaigns. And rightly so. The headphones produced are aimed at a bass-heavy audience, so those people who are into their EDM, House, Dubstep, Trap and the many other genres that plague electronic music. We were sent a pair of the PUMP Audio Headphones, as titled on their website. They’re small ear-bud type headphones that give off some form of noise isolation.

First thing that struck me was their packaging. PUMP has clearly given some careful thought into how to portray their headphones. The packaging feels premium, and opens like a wrap around system revealing the headphones inside. There is also a carry pouch and extra sets of earbuds including a memory foam type fitting for those who like the tighter seal between bud and earlobe.

The set we received were a bright neon orange, which seems to be the audio company’s theme. They’re absolute head turners during the day, but could serve as a reflective surface for car or bike headlights when walking in the dark. The colour probably wasn’t chosen for this type of function, but still, it’s a nifty extra for those of you walkers or even cyclists out there.

Audio quality was impressive, however, as said above, these are aimed at bass lovers, so expect some thumping beats resonating in your lugholes. This means that the mids and trebles are kind of washed out, but not in a hugely bad way. I’m a rock head at heart, and these were my go to headphones on a recent holiday and didn’t disappoint.  The seal works to some degree with noise isolation, although won’t really cut out background traffic. I preferred the memory foam tips for that added seal and a greater outside noise reduction.

Halfway down the left earbud cable is an inline remote that can be used for hands-free calling when used with a mobile device. Nothing fancy here, but it’s solid metal design works well, and still remains to be pretty lightweight when in the ear.

Overall, the PUMP Audio Earphones are a little pricey coming in at £89.99, but do offer a pretty solid sound, as well as a truly well built design. They are available directly from the PUMP website as the Kickstarter campaign has ended a while ago now, so go check them out. They only come in orange and black at the moment, but hopefully we’ll see some other colours come our way soon.