SMS Audio Biosport Headphones Review

Finding decent headphones to use while working out is a nightmare. I’m forever having to plug the earbuds back into my lugholes while jogging. However, the Biosport headphones from SMS Audio and Intel have come up with solution.

What we have here are small headphones that track your heartbeat using the in-built sensor in the earbuds. The Biosport headphones come in a variety of colours, all which stand out from the crowd. Our personal favourite is the bright blue colour.

First we had to find the correct earbud size. Smalllest was our choice, although none of the earbuds looked as if they could ever fit inside my earholes. It was quite a struggle to get them to sit properly in my ear. Once I finially found a comfortable position, they were there to stay. Even tugging with force on the anti-tangle cable, they stayed put.

The heartbeat sensor inside the earbud works with an app called Runkeeper. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with any other fitness tracker which is a shame if you’re already deep into tracking your workouts through another software. The heartbeat sensor tracks pulses and oxygen levels in your ear to accurately track your heart rate.

The SMS Audio Biosport headphones sound quite good, however I had a lot of trouble picking up any kind of bass frequencies becasue of the way the headphones sat in my ears. It never felt as if the silicon earbuds truly plugged my entire earhole. From what I could hear the sound was crisp, even so that I occasionally thought to myself I’ve never heard that instrument in that track before.

Half way down the cable you can find a remote that can switch between heart beat sensor or phone which is used for hands-free calls.

They come with a nice pouch for safe storage which is small enough to fit in any size bag. The pouch is made from a soft material so you wouldn’t be able to put anything too heavy on top of it. I would have liked to have seen some kind of plastic hard case included for the price you’re paying for them.

The SMS Audio Biosport headphones worked well, even with small gripes with the earbid size and complex fit. They sounded good but I would have liked to hear more bass in my music. You can pick up your very own from

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