iLight iPhone Case Review

Personalisation is key, and nothing says individualism more than a flashy mobile phone case. Some come with diamonte gems, others have floral patterns attached, yet none are quite like the new iLight phone cases.

Built specifically for the iPhone 5 and 5S, the iLight case comes in many designs, my favourite so far being the Matrix style green rain writing seen in the movies.

The case comes with a backpanel which houses the light which activates everytime someone calls the device. The screen protector is embossed with the many designs. You get several different designs in the box at purchase so you can have a huge choice.

The rear of the case completely surrounds the iPhone so it is well protected from splashes and accidental droppings. The button areas have been cut out of the plastic so they can be easilly pressed without putting any extra force into it.

The only problem with the case is that your phone is usually in your pocket when someone calls. I wanted to see the light activate for more reasons rather than just calls and texts such as playing music or even touches to the screen.

However, the designs work well with the greenish backlighting, and the embossed design patterns are extremely clear. I thought the embossed screen protectors would have been a bit of an issue with usability of the phone but you forget it’s on there. You can’t really see the patterns once the iPhone’s backlight is on. All in all it’s a great idea if you’re looking for futher customisation of your iPhone.