Slendertone Abs8 Toning Belt Review


Nick, 29, swims twice a week, rows on other nights, average to poor diet (likes donuts), lacking the Love Island 6 six-pack, that floods the internet every summer and makes average Joe feel inadequate. Enough of that, I don’t want to open that can of worms. However, Slendertone got in touch and asked if we wanted to try out the new Abs8 toning belt that they have just released. I’ve never used one before and even though I like donuts, I am self-motivated to stay fit & healthy, so perhaps this is the solution to tone up.

If you have not heard of Slendertone before, they produce a number of muscle toning devices and have done for many years. The Abs8 is their latest toning device, and with anything, it’s bigger & better than before. I had a four-week challenge, so let’s see how it went.

The Abs8 is a toning belt, so it goes around your waist, fastens at the back and sends pulses onto your muscles, to simulate you doing a workout. There are 3 sections on the belt, one in the center, and one either side. These are placed in the correct location to best stimulate your muscles. The belt is adjustable via velcro and can be used by anyone, male or female.

Before using the belt for the first time, I had to charge the hub/controller for 3 hours, via micro USB cable (provided). Meanwhile, there are 3 gel pads, that you stick to the belt, in a location that suits your waist size (check instructions). These gel pads do deteriorate over time, so you will need replacements and I recommend you put the protective covers back on them after each use to prolong life. Once the controller is fulled charged, it was time to fit the belt and begin my first programme.

The controller is very small and magnetically clips into the belt. From the controller, you can select the programme you want and the intensity. It will also so battery life and keep a record of continuous uses. There are 7 passive programmes (beginner up to pro), which are to be used while doing your day to day activities i.e. working on your pc or lounging on the sofa with a movie. There are also 3 active programmes, Endurance, Beginner Crunch & Advanced Crunch, which are to be used while doing exercise, such a walking, jogging or cycling. All programmes are 30 minutes long, the time will count down on the controller and will beep once complete. Across each of these programmes, is an intensity setting of 1 – 100, which you can select depending on how you’re feeling. You will feel intensity 1, just, and as you progress through the levels, you will feel it become more intense, to a painful point, if you don’t stop. The buttons are responsive though, so if you do go to high, you can quickly go back down a few levels.


Each programme is much like an exercise routine for your abs. Over the 30 minute programme, the belt will stimulate your muscles in a variety of different ways, from slow, long, increasing pulses, to short, sharp bursts. It was unexpected, I just assumed the belt would almost vibrate for a solid 30 minutes, but that is not the case. There are also small pauses in the programmes, giving you a rest. It makes sense, you wouldn’t do a solid 30-minute ab workout, without resting.

I went straight to programme 7, Ab Pro, because why not. I think I built up the intensity to about 20/25 in the first session and I could feel it really working muscles that don’t usually get much attention in my workouts. Over time, I increased the intensity, as I started to notice that the programme was having less effect on my muscles. As my abs became firmer, I had to increase the intensity to continue progressing. After the 20 days, I reached an intensity of 55/60, so there was plenty left still on offer.

Slendertone recommends using the Abs8 5 days a week, for 30 minutes per day or 1 programme. This is what I did, while maintaining my current swimming & rowing, and not adjusting my diet. I can confirm that it toned my abs, I cannot deny that, but I didn’t achieve the chiseled six pack I would like. Why? Too much body fat. If you had a low body fat % and/or already have a six pack, I’m confident this will help gain one, maintain or even improve. Slendertone did some research:

100% of users reported firmer and more toned abs
72% reported an increase in abdominal endurance
54% of users felt that their posture had improved

I had fun with the Slendertone Abs8, it not only toned my abs, it motivated me to think about exercise more. It’s very comfortable to wear, easy to use and pain-free (unless you go straight in at 100 intensity). Battery life is ok, you’ll get around 3 or 4, 30-minute sessions out of one charge. I’m going to stick with it, the improvements I’ve seen are enough to keep me using it.

It currently retails at £139.99 and can be purchased directly from Slendertone.

Do not purchase one, in the hope you’ll get a six pack after 4 weeks, without any other health changes, it won’t happen!

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