It seems that survival games have become quite popular over the last year or so with indie developers popping up everywhere to get their latest creation out there to the masses via Steam or another gaming platform. Skyhill, an apartment trawler zombie horror is no different.

Based in the Hotel Skyhill, you play as Perry Jason,, a chiseled chin, puffy chest action man type. After finishing your last can of beans, Perry decides that it’s time to leave your penthouse suite on the 100th floor and make your way to the street level to escape.

The hotel floors are split up into three rooms; the hallway, room left and room right. Each room is filled with loot that you can use to craft new gear. There can also be some surprises in there too in the form of zombies. Most of the enemies you encounter are the run of the mill just-turned zombie types while others act more as a boss level for that particular floor.

The crafting is done extremely well giving you the player a huge choice of items to use, from weapon types to recipes for food. The game keeps you clicking.

Resources over the first 20 or so floors are easy. Resources are common and enemies are weak. But once you start getting to the lower floors, that’s when the real challenge starts. You have to be scarce with your recourses.

Leaving each room consumes one hunger meaning you have to keep topped up in order to survive.

Combat is a pretty basic turned based system with sound effects never-changing which is a shame as this can get repetitive, especially after killing your 100th suited zombie.

Skyhill is fun and kind of addictive once you get to the lower levels. We’re still to finish the game. Obviously the people on the lower floors weren’t big eaters.

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