We are big fans of Skullcandy and have been for some years now, they always seem to offer a quality product, at a competitive price. At the end of last year, we tried their latest active noise cancelling headphones, Venue, and they were top notch. Now, we’re looking at there new wireless earbuds, the ‘Push’.

Spec & In The Box

Connection Type: Bluetooth® 4.2
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Driver Diameter: 9.2mm
THD: <3% at 1KHz
Sound Pressure Level: 100 +/-3dB (1mW/500Hz)
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz

In the Box:
Push™ Earbuds
Charging Case
USB-C Charging Cable
User Guide
2 Year Warranty Guide

The earbuds themselves are constructed from plastic and are quite large in shape if you compare them to say the Apple AirPods. By that, I mean they have this thin, almost rectangular base, which clearly houses the internal battery. The earphone sits inside your ear and comes with the typical rubber bud, as well as a rubber arm, for a secure fit. There is a single large button on each earphone, that can be used to control your music and a single indicator light. The earbuds come in two colours, grey or a pearlescent green (they call it psychotropic teal).

Both earbuds sit inside a plastic carry case, which also acts as their charging device and has it’s own internal battery, like a power bank of sorts. The case is incredibly lightweight & small, making it perfect for on the go travel. There is a button on the side of the case and once pushed, will open the case lid. The lid itself is very thin and somewhat flimsy but there is padding on the inside to protect the earbuds & the lock is quite secure. There are four indicator lights on the case, showing its power level, with 4 lights being full, plus a button allowing you to check the battery level and a type C USB port for charging.

Set Up

There are two parts to the set-up, firstly you need to charge the earbuds. You do this by inserting them into the case, plugging that case into a power socket via the supplied USB cable and allow them to charge. Once they are charged, you can turn them on and sync with your device. The earbuds use bluetooth for their connection and you pair them to your smart device like you would any other bluetooth device.


The earbuds boast a number of features, with the most important for me, being the battery life. Skullcandy is stating a battery life of 6 hours for the earphones, with an additional 6 hours of charge within the case, giving a total of 12 hours of playback.

The next notable feature is the built-in assistant. Triple press either button to have your assistant help with sending a message, setting a reminder, and much more. It’s ok, it works, it’s no Alexa and I’m not sure it will be used by many people.


Audio performance is very good, there’s a good mix of highs & mids, with plenty of bass, which is common with Skullcandy. I listened to a variety of songs, including ‘Amo’ by BMTH, which is all sorts of crazy, but it sounded great. Unlike some higher priced competitors, there is no app associated with these, so there is no ability to EQ the sound to suit your needs. The earphones are comfortable in my ears and secure enough for moving around or light jogging. Battery life was there or thereabouts what was stated, I did probably use them for over 6 hours and only just needed to charge them nearing the end of that time.

As for controlling the earphones, on & off is quite simple and involves just a single click on the button. You then have to produce specific gestures if you want to do anything else, including a double tap on the right earbud for volume up, double tap on the left side for volume down. Like wise with changing the track, hold a button down for 3 seconds. It’s a little fiddly and if you dont like the procedure, you can use your smart device.


At £99.99, these are £60 cheaper than the Apple AirPods, and I think that’s a good price point. The sound quality and battery life are good, albeit the earphones are slightly larger and not quite as finessed as the AirPods. Overall, I would recommend these if your budget is around the £100 mark.

For more info and to purchase, visit the official Skullcandy website.