Send Money Home Witht Azimo

With land, sea and air travel being so common, there are people who have emigrated to all kinds of countries all over the world. This means that friends and families could be very much widespread across different continents of the planet. And don’t get me started on how many smart phones are in existence. I guarantee without a quick Google search that there are more than there are living humans! So onto Azimo.

That’s good though, because it means companies like Azimo can make certain aspects of your life easier. Azimo, for those of you who don’t know, is a money transfer app that prides themselves on ease-of-use. With some of their added features, they’re very quickly becoming the money transfer app of choice.

There are some cool features that we will go through that will keep you and your money connected between smart phone users. Think of Azimo as your one stop social network for transferring cash to your friends and families. There is a built-in status update feature that can let the receiver know the current status of a particular transfer.


The in-app chat feature will automatically connect you to a member of the Azimo customer service team in case of a problem that occurs.

You can even invite your friends through the popular Facebook Messenger app. Azimo is the first money transfer service that has integrated itself to Facebook’s chat service making it seamlessly easy to send and receive messages, and even transfer cash using the contacts and friends connected to your Facebook profile.

Best of all, your money is secure using biometric security. Finger print scanners to everyone. As long as you have a compatible phone you can use your finger print to log into the app every time you want to make a transfer.

We’ve seen a couple of these money transfer apps pop up over the last few months, so they’re kind of new to us too. But if I was to send money across the world. Taking on board what I have seen with Azimo so far, I believe this would be the app I would use to do it with.

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